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DX1ARM Amateur Radio Movement, Inc. is an amateur radio club in the Philippines registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission.

Assigned Frequencies

We have one VHF and one UHF repeater, both located at an elevated site with good coverage across the Greater Manila Area — NCR and surrounding provinces. Our repeaters reach as far as Baguio toward the north, Bataan toward the west, and Marinduque toward the south. We are also available on the digital/linked nodes below.

VHF 144.880 MHz (-)

UHF 431.600 MHz (+) C4FM/Analog AMS

  • Wires-X DX1ARM-RPT-LINK 89934
    (alternate Wires-X Room 4G1AMK-RM 89693)
  • BrandMeister DMR
  • YSF Reflector
    • 78427 – C4FM digital
    • 11096 – FM analog
  • Allstarlink node
  • Hamshack Hotline
    • 94015 – C4FM digital
    • 94047 – FM analog
  • Echolink DX1ARM-L (C4FM digital)
  • Nets (C4FM digital)
    • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 0930H-1000H (0130Z-0200Z)
    • Saturday 1930H-2030H (1130Z-1200Z)

Kindly get in touch with us to request PL info.

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